Automated Unit Testing with Sauce Labs

I mentioned in my post last week that I’d be sharing technical blog posts, and here’s the first one! If you’re new to the blog, I just graduated with a degree in Computer Science and worked on a ton of cool projects during my time at UC San Diego. By far the most influential class was CSE 112 taught by Professor Thomas Powell. CSE 112, or Advanced Software Engineering, was a course where we created a fully operational build pipeline, inherited an old codebase, and added a few new features.

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Class of 2017

It sure has been a while since I’ve written anything here, but I don’t have to tell you that. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that this has become the norm and I write when there’s something notable to write about. In my last post, I mentioned that graduation was close (June 2017). Looking at today’s date I can see that it’s July 5, 2017. That’s right! I graduated!

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Something Interesting?

Yeah… Remember when I posted in February saying sorry for not posting for three months? Well guess what, it’s been eight months since that post! Do I get a medal or trophy now? No.

I already know what you’re thinking- he’s been busy with school and work. Why even bother read this anymore then? Good question! I have no valid argument to get you to read this. Honestly, I’ve only kept this blog active because it’s therapeutic to write. I never had any intentions of “hitting the Internet jackpot” by becoming famous. I don’t monetize this website and let’s be honest: I’m not interesting. I’m here to tell my story and look back years (or even months) from now and cringe at what is out on the Internet forever. Here’s my promise for this post: make it interesting. I’m not going to do the same song and dance where I say I’m in school, or working hard, and call that a post.

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Spring 2015 in Review


Spring 2015 is over. I’ve been out for about a week now and it has been amazing. As you remember from my last end of quarter post, Fall 2015 was a rough one. The transition from community college to a university was proving to be more difficult than I had imagined and I was struggling. If you’re familiar with the quarter system, you’ll know after Fall comes Winter. If you’re the detective I know you are, you might be puzzled why there was no Winter review post. Sure, I never post on time (or even at all), but I actually didn’t attend Winter quarter. Like I mentioned in the last school-related post, Fall was a difficult time and after a series of unfortunate events, I ended up withdrawing for a quarter. Withdrawing from UCSD was not something that was enjoyable, or even wanted, but I came out of it a changed student. During my time off I felt a variety of emotions, but the feeling that stood out the most was inspiration. I was super motivated to do well and show everyone I can come back with a vengeance and blow Fall 2015 out of the water.

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